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Who's Who  

This page provides some detail of those members of the Easton Corps who have some special responsibilities. Of course there are many more who undertake important jobs within the Corps, and we will introduce others to you as time goes on. So - make sure you visit us again in a couple of month's time!!

Commanding Officers Dawn and Mark Sellers

Dawn and Mark Sellers

Dawn and I are very happy to be posted to Bristol Easton, although the accent is not quite what we are used to.

We have been officers since 2000 and previously enjoyed serving in Scotland and the North of England.

We have four girls of which three have started to get to know the west country

Looking forward to the future here and working with the corps folk at Easton. Ta,Ra

Margaret Rees


Margaret is our Corps Secretary.

Margaret grew up in Sunderland Monkwearmouth Corps before moving to Bristol, and has held several leadership roles within both Corps.

She now worships at Easton with her husband and grown up daughter, and is a member of the Songster Brigade. She is employed on a part-time basis as a Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant in a local Church Primary School. 


Hilary Gambling

Hilary is our Corps Treasurer.
Hilary heads up the Operations Group on the Corp Board. She is involved in the children’s outreach at the Corps and is our Primary Sergeant and leads our monthly Puppet Club and our Holiday Club events.
Hilary is a health and safety professional for one of the clearing banks and lives in Clevedon.

Martyn Bryant

Martyn was commissioned as songster leader in 2004, after serving as Deputy Bandmaster for almost thirty years. He runs his own wholesale greeting card business, and is married to Christine.Martyn is principal solo cornet in Easton Band and is also a member of The Salvation Army International Staff Band.

Anthony R Smith






Anthony is the Bandmaster of Bristol Easton Band

Wally Newell



Wally came to Bristol Easton in 1973 from Switzerland. She has held various positions throughout her years at the Corps.  Wally has three sons and four grandchildren.

Wally is Recruiting Sergeant and heads Discipleship on the Corps Board. Her responsibilities include recruiting Adherents and Soldiers, Bible study, House Groups and training if needed.


Included within her role are visiting responsibilities, and she also  enjoys helping at the Lunching club.

Rosemary Greenwood


 Rosemary Greenwood 

Rosemary leads the volunteer Community Team at Bristol Easton.

She joined the Salvation Army at the Ipswich Bramford Road Corps in Suffolk after attending Sunday school meetings held in a neighbour’s home. Rosemary moved to Bristol with her husband Michael in June 1975. Their son Jonathan is a Staff Nurse at the Bristol Heart Institute and with his wife Lynsey is a member of the Band and Songster Brigade at Easton. Their daughter Abigail teaches Business and Economics at the Freeman College in Buntingford, Hertfordshire.

After nearly forty years’ service with the NHS as a Registered Nurse and Midwife and as a senior lecturer in midwifery at the University of the West of England, Rosemary is now retired. For the story of her contribution as a midwife to mothers at the Bristol Easton Corps, go to

In addition to her work at Bristol Easton, Rosemary is a volunteer counsellor with the Willow Tree Centre in Bristol, which offers information and support to women, and their partners who are facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy or who need support following a pregnancy loss or infant death.

She is also a trustee of the Foundation for Active Community Engagement at the St Andrews Methodist Youth Centre in Filton, Bristol.