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We are very proud of our Rainbows and Brownie pack here at Easton, they both meet each Monday of term time from 6.00pm until 7.00pm.



We currently have a few spaces for girls aged five to seven to join Rainbows and for girls aged seven to ten to join the Brownie activities.

                     imagesCA8P113O.jpg - 4.89 kb             P10800511.jpg - 95.74 kb

                                                                            Can you guess what each badge is for?

We have run a survey to see which sports most Rainbows nd Brownies enjoy, and these are our three favourites.

football.jpg - 10.72 kb                            swim.jpg - 16.5 kb                                


There are lots of things to do on the web site, just go the page and click on Rainbow or Brownies then enjoy. At the moment you can say what your favourite activity is and make suggestions for more games on the wed site. Good Luck!